How to resolve 10.6.6 MDS issues

If you happen to be among those «lucky» ones upgrade-anxious enough to switch to 10.6.6 right away you must have noticed sluggish performance, as if your Mac became an old virused Windows XP machine back from the 90’s.

Don’t panic, there’s a simple solution here!

Just go to your Activity Monitor and you will see the mysterious MDS process eating all the resources of your beloved aluminum (or white) friend. Or an old black one. Whatever 😉

Now go to System Preferences > Spotlight and exclude the BOOTCAMP partition from those being indexed by Spotlight (yeah, damn right — that’s Spotlight causing the bug) This actually works: right now I’m writing this minutes after I dealt with this nasty problem myself. Hope Apple fixes this soon.

Now get your machine back from that MDS slavery!


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